Csicsergő Leisure Center can be found in Nova, County Zala, 35 kms from Zalaegerszeg and 250 kms from Budapest. The wonderful nature, the still, quiet and safe environment, and the fresh air all make the center a perfect place for outdoor activities and romantic weddings alike.

Here more than 10 weddings are organized a year including the wedding dinner, catering and lodging and all related services.

• Wedding parties up to 300 guests (one room up to 180 guests, 2 rooms between 180 and 300 guests)
• elegant conference room overlooking an outdoor terrace
• decorative laying
• accommodation for 130 persons
• civil ceremony at the pond of the park
• religious ceremony
• music band, DJ-offer
• wide choice of menu (home-made dishes, big portions)
• wedding dinner, welcome table, snack bar, cocktail corner
• firework
• seating cards, presents of thanks
• room decoration
• closed parking lot
• free wedding consultancy
• rent a carriage/car
• “Fly a dove/butterfly”
• string quartet during the wedding
• decoration/make-up/special services with our partners on any idea

Thanks to our competitive prices, we organize even a 3-day party for our guests arriving from farther places.

Our services come up to all your expectations and you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and gastronomy our leisure center offers you.