Organize your school excursion with us. Let it be only accommodation or you can choose from our special programs. Here attendants can also have a rest; moreover, they are free to participate in our programs. You can compile the program according to our list prices, or you can choose from our package offers.

Csicsergő Leisure Center can be found in County Zala, in the heart of Hill Göcsej with a total of 130 beds. It is a "C" category youth hostel.  The wonderful nature, the still and quiet environment, fresh air all makes the camping a perfect place for organizing different programs for children. The local conditions provide us a wide range of both crafts and leisure activities.

The countryside is calm and safe. The main building is surrounded by a huge park, which is good for relaxing, organizing games or pursuing sports. These programs can also organized indoors where a conference room for 200 persons is available with amplifier, and three section rooms for 50 persons.



3-day school excursion
2-day school excursion