We lay special emphasis on healthy eating and proper ingredients. Our guests can consume nutritive enough materials that our body needs but are not necessarily part of the daily consumption.

The leisure center has its own restaurant that can be found in the main building and can cater altogether 80 persons at the same time. Special menu upon request (vegetarian, special diet or lactose free menu).

Packed lunch for trips.

The traditional meals of Göcsej has become an essential part of a long-weekend trip, a wedding dinner or a chosen menu in the last years – let them be gluten free, lactose free, or vegetarian ones. Everybody can here enjoy what they want. The taste of Göcsej and the programs based on the good old cuisine have increased the number of tourist nights even in the non-seasonal period. That is why we will continue developing our restaurant and striving for traditional food and ingredients (like mushrooms, games, hajdina, pumpkin foods, pumpkin seed oil, and strudel) to preserve their original taste and increase the attractiveness of the region and our leisure center based on the requirements of modern dietetics.

In 2009, we finished our 70 m2, covered entertaining area with a traditional peasant’s oven, which is an important investment from a gastronomic point of view.

In the park, you can find an open-air bacon griller, which you can use for grilling.