Csicsergő Leisure Center is a new place for accommodation in Nova, County Zala, in the Hills of Göcsej. The building complex was finalized in 2006. Since then we have been waiting our guests, youngsters, families, groups that wish to relax, have a rest or have their holiday at our place. The building and its services come up to the most modern requirements – all in a wonderful environment, among hills, surrounded by the wood, which is ideal for individual guest, camps, family vacation, holidays or long weekends. The local conditions provide us a wide range of both crafts and leisure activities.

The leisure center can be found 30 km from Zalaegerszeg, 15 km from Lenti, by the main route 75. Nova is in the heart of Göcsej and is called "the capital of Göcsej".

In the main buildings, you can stay in apartments (bedroom for 2-3, living room, bathroom, mini kitchen, fridge and TV-set), or standard rooms (room for 2-3 with separate bathroom) and standard family rooms (2 separate bedrooms for 2-3 with one bathroom) all year long. Our comfort rooms and comfort family rooms are equipped with TV-sets and mini fridges.

In the halls, you can use our TV-set, common fridge and microwave oven. We can also provide you with baby friendly equipment at the restaurant or in limited numbers at the rooms, as well. The wonderful nature, the still and quiet environment, and the 3.5 ha park make the camping a perfect place for organizing different programs. The leisure center has its own lake, where you can swim, boat or fish. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the building. The accommodation is a 1st class holiday home.

You will find the restaurant, buffet, common rooms, bedrooms all under one roof. The building is surrounded by a 3.5 ha park with a fence, where you can go in for sports, lay a fire, boat or swim in the lake or put up a tent. We have a 300 m2 and an 80 m2 parquet floors, lounges, restaurant, 2 smaller rooms and an open-air but covered entertaining area.