GöcsejrőlGöcsej can be found in the western part of Transdanubia, and it is the most quoted geographical and ethnographical area in County Zala. It is part of the Hills of Zala, namely the Western Hills of Zala. This area is about 648 square kilometer and consists of 70 settlements.





They say that the beauty of Göcsej lies in the harmony of hills and valleys. In this valuable geographical and natural environment you can find a lot of forests and untouched landscape in many places. It has a typical, isolated settlement type (the “szeg” as in name of Zalaegerszeg), and it is a perfect place for a trip. Here city tourists can find a lot of characteristic folk traditions.

In Göcsej, the settlements pleasingly fit the range of hills and valleys. Many think the most beautiful ones are those that can be found on the comb of the hills. On the slopes situated in more favorable areas wine is cultivated, while on the down-hills having a northern and western aspect we can find uninterrupted woods. In the vales, you can find purling brooks and gurgling streams encompassed by meadows and pastures.

Discover Göcsej! During your trip, you will find the diversified countryside of Zala, which is beautified by springs, brooks, spas, vineyards, untouched woods, while you will have the taste of traditional foods and smooth wine from Zala.

The local residents famous for their hospitability welcome you, too, to this valued countryside!