Nova Camp Tourism and Services Ltd. (Nova Tábor Idegenforgalmi és Szolgáltató Kft.) was founded in 2001 and is owned by the family Ruzsics. The aim of the company was to build and operate a Leisure Center called Csicsergő in Nova. After 5 years of hard work, the investment was concluded by the summer of 2006 turning the so far fallow land and suburban real estate into a valuable holiday camp through the reclamation of the 30.000 m2 land with a 2.000 m2 holiday resort. The main activities of the company are tourism and catering.

Nova Camp Tourism and Services Ltd. has an average of 8 employees. In the summer peak we hire a staff of 4-5 more people employed seasonally.

Csicsergő Leisure Center operated by the Nova Camp Ltd. (Nova Tábor Kft.) is one of the most modern family holiday resorts in Göcsej.

Investments in the past years:

Sun collector system:

The central heating of the Leisure Center and the water supply of the 140 rooms opened in July 2006 are secured by gas boilers. With the latest investment we aim to reduce a substantial part of our energy costs. Currently, 75% of our total warm water needs can be covered by sun collectors, which can be further enhanced in the summer peak season. To date, 25 collectors utilize the energy of the sun on 50 m2, which enable us to use 4.000 liters of water at 80 degrees centigrade.
The aim of the project in the short run is to operate the center more economically and in a more environmentally friendly way, while our long term goal is that our guests build an environmentally conscious approach. We can conclude from last years’ experience that the system yields a total of 200-300.000 HUF savings per month in the summer months.

Entertaining area with oven

Our 70m2 covered entertaining area together with a traditional peasant’s oven was finalized simultaneously with the bicycle strand. It is a substantial investment from a gastronomic point of view.

Expansion of our sun collector system

During this project with the use of the sun collector system we managed to solve the heating of the hostel (in winter, only demister is needed), the office (also works in winter) and the hydraulics optimization of the heating system (rev regulated pumps).


We have invested in a modern, EU-conform playground which is an attractive factor and a substantial prerequisite for bigger families.